Tablers adopt the situation that is given and methods that have proved so sound in the past.


Tablers adapt the situation to the changing needs of the time.


Wherever possible, Tablers improve the situation, them selves and people around them.

1 Tables in Moldova 
14 Tablers in Moldova
54 Tabler countries in the world
30000 Tablers worldwide

The Table enhanced friendship and mutual understanding. You develop lifelong friendships. At local, national and international levels. Wherever you go in the world, a Round Table is a friend who will always help.Self Development

Self Development
Table Evenings are often the platform of fascinating discussions. You learn a lot of Tablers with completely different professions, insights and personal experiences. Because trust the key of the table is you can already share your challenges and experiences for yourself and also make Tablers stronger
Round Table Moldova is involved in the local, national and international society. You contribute to local and national service projects and actively support their own way. In addition, your table taking a joint initiative and the national table provides always for support and initiation of lovely service projects.

Our Goals & Objectives

The Association achieves its aims & objects through the organisation of meetings, conferences, debates and other similar activities where discrimination, whether political, religious, linguistic or racial is forbidden.

To foster fellowship between young men through their professional and social activities.

To encourage activity and a sense of responsibility through development of the highest ideals both in the civil as in the professional field.

To promote and extend cooperation, friendship and understanding between nations and people.

To further the Round Table movement worldwide.


contact information

Round Table Moldova takes official meetings twice a month every second Thursday at 20:00 local time at the “La Taifas” restaurant.If you are going to visit us please contact the IRO, or write us a message on +373 78 226 199.